Government and private organisations are increasingly aware of their responsibility to make certain their assets are adequately insured. SFV provides this peace of mind by producing accurate insurance valuations utilising its vast database of construction cost analysis, drawn from its extensive clientele. In fact, SFV has valued over 50,000 buildings in the past 5 years, during which time some of our clients have experienced varying levels of loss. A major loss by a client exceeded $30 million and our valuation provided the necessary level of cover, and detail, to readily settle the claim.

We provide insurance valuations on a vast array of building type, including heritage listed buildings, major commercial buildings, large industrial concerns, aged care facilities, hotels, significant sporting complexes, churches, education campuses, prestige residences and airports.

In their valuations, SFV provides:

Limit of Liability, including:

  • Reinstatement with New Values, including extra costs of replacement
  • Lead time & Reconstruction Allowance
  • Demolition & Removal of Debris


  • Indemnity Values

 To meet the requirements of Local Government, SFV has developed a proprietary Microsoft Access Database and Excel spreadsheet which ensures consistent and reliable reporting.

Accounting/Financial Reporting

It is mandatory for both Government and private enterprises to value their non-current assets in line with applicable Australian Accounting Standards (AAS).

SFV has a vast experience in this area and continually develops both its Excel spreadsheet and reporting formats to meet the ever changing AAS under which an entity is bound.

We stringently adhere to our Methodology and Quality Assurance Procedures which provides the client with the confidence that it is accurately reporting the value of their assets. In fact, due to these processes, our valuations have never necessitated a qualified audit.

Additional Valuations


SFV undertakes property portfolio valuations for industry specific organisations, including:


Private Health

Specialised Industry


Semi Government bodies

State and Local Government bodies

Acquisitions & Disposals

SFV provide advice on property acquisition from pre-transaction, through the negotiation process to settlement.

We assist in property disposals with the goal of optimising the value and recommending the favoured disposal method.

Rental Valuations

Our firm is frequently involved in the preparation of rental assessments for the review, negotiation and determination process. Assignments include a broad range of property type from CBD buildings to Snow Field Operations.

We provide leasing advice, including reviewing proposed lease terms from a valuer’s perspective, eliminating potential conflict and/or ambiguity on interpretation during the lease term.


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